About AMI Design

Mission Statement

AMI Design is an interior design firm that works with its clients to create functional, beautiful, and timeless designs. The client’s aesthetic and functional needs are very important in developing designs that work with their lifestyles.

We focus on personalizing spaces for clients based on their specific requirements, which we custom design with new and innovative designs.


AMI Design’s vision is to create timeless interiors from traditional to contemporary.

AMI Design customizes interiors to our clients’ personalities, desires and needs. By performing a detailed analysis, we custom fit our client’s desires while providing form and function for the space.

Both a classicist and modernist, Carmela loves to design spaces that intelligently, yet creatively, apply the design tools of proportion, color and balance. In so doing, Carmela explores new and exciting materials and furnishings and designs fresh and relevant spaces to enhance her clients’ lives!

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

Carmela’s parents immigrated from Italy to the North Shore of Long Island, New York where Carmela was born and raised. Growing up, Carmela loved to go to work on the weekends with her Dad who was a cabinetmaker and designed furniture for interior decorators. Carmela developed a love and appreciation for fine architectural details and craftsmanship at a very early age. Infused with old-world European influence, Carmela watched her Dad sketch new creations for decorators, a talent Carmela has honed. To this day, Carmela loves to sit with her clients and bring to life with her hand drawings 3 dimensional images of spaces and furnishing which suit her client’s custom needs.

Carmela has a great appreciation for architecture and its masters. Upon earning her Bachelors at New York Institute of Technology, Carmela worked for a North Shore Architecture firm; with whom she still keeps close contact with years later, prior to starting her own business in 1988 at the age of 25. Carmela also taught Introduction to Interiors at Parson’s School of Design.


  • Down to earth approach to design.
  • Getting to know all aspects of clients’ desires and needs.
  • Over 20 years of industry knowledge.
  • Impeccable attention to every detail.